Controversial Yoga Guru Bikram Choudhary Accused Of Sexual Assault (Video)

The most recent couple of years have been splashed with yoga embarrassments also known yoga instructors, and profound masters have gone wrong. Be it sometimes, we as a whole have seen their wrong deeds and still these yoga, and profound masters have their immense fan taking after and a substantial number of aficionados. Whom to fault? All things considered, likely we don’t have the response for it.

As of late, Controversial yoga master Bikram Choudhary was blamed for rape, and he loses everything to the lady who uncovered him, we should look at the highlights of his case.

Yoga guru Bikram carved out a niche for himself and built a $60million empire including his 43 cars!

Bikram was raised in the city of Calcutta, he had relocated to California in the late 1970s and turned into a universal sensation by presenting 40 degrees Celsius workouts in California which he named ‘Bikram yoga where he built up his mark hour and a half workouts and runs a global ‘hot yoga’ chain situated in LA. He had a tremendous big name customer base that included David Beckham, Madonna and Lady gaga all through his hot yoga sessions.

What was his case about?

Minakshi’s charges for yoga master were stunning, and as indicated by her, Bikram is a sexual stalker who acts like a man “plastered on power”. Obviously, the yogi used to gloat about how 5000 ladies frantically needed to lay down with him, and a solitary drop of his sperm is justified regardless of a million dollars. Aside from Minakshi, five other ladies approached to concede that they were ambushed by yoga master.

And after he got exposed…

He legally lost his battle against the victims where he had to lose his whole empire including his 43 cars.

Yoga teacher Sarah Baughn, 29, also blamed him for sexual harassment.

P.S. Watch the video for more information, kindly scroll down.

Yoga guru Bikram with his ex-wife Rajashree Choudhary.


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