Check out Aankita Lokhaande’s shocking transformation post breakup

It has been some time that the 'Pavitra Rishta' stars Aankita Lokhaande and Sushant Singh Rajput have gone separate ways. The couple was wanting to get married, so their separation came as a stun to every one of their fans. At the point when tested about the same, Aankita had said, "I can't discuss it at this moment. It is not a nice sentiment. It would be ideal if you see." But before long, her Instagram record was overwhelmed with perfect photos of hers which just demonstrated that Aankita has proceeded onward in life from her separation. Here, investigate…

Life goes on…

By the by, she is looking beautiful as at no other time.
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Proceeding onward…

Aankita Lokhaande was presently said to have proceeded onward and prepared for her huge Bollywood make a big appearance.

Sushant talks…

Sushant then ended his quiet on the matter interestingly and tweeted, "Neither she was a drunkard nor I am a womanizer. Individuals do Grow separated and its shocking . Period!!"

Passionate tweet

Aankita Lokhaande later tweeted a photo with an inscription that read, "No measure of physical excellence will ever be as significant as an excellent heart."


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